Can we configure the path of file drop and file import activity like /import/subfolder? If no, is there any way to create a file transfer activity to pick the file dropped in the root of import folder into some subfolder?

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Both are possible. Here are the steps and information to achieve your request.

1) You can use a FTP client application like FileZilla or Cyberduck to manage subfolders in FTP location.

2) Once the directory is created, you can copy the path from FTP client to create a file location in SFMC for Import Activity and File Transfer Activity..

  • You'll need to select the Relative location under Marketing Cloud FTP Site to point to your new directory.

3) Within the automation, please select File Drop as the source activity type for the automation to run off on the basis of the triggered file drop.

  • The UI will provide you with the list folders you can trigger the automation upon the file drop.

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