I want Soql Query for to get the tabs(Navigation Items) under one application (App) in salesforce. Suppose Application Name is Data Management under these We have Database,Table,Column tabs as Custom Objects.I want to get the Database,Table,Column Names Using the SOQL Query.I used the SELECT AppDefinitionId,SortOrder,TabDefinitionId FROM AppTabMember WHERE AppDefinition.DurableId = '06m2w000000v8VCAAY' to get the Tab Members Name but get only Id's.Please help on this. Thank You.enter image description here

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Updates: According to this existing question, there seems to be indeed a known issue with retrieving some application and tab details using DescribeTabsetResult methods.

The answer in that question mentions workaround via SOQL:

First query in AppDefinition and filter by your application developer name and get the application DurableId

SELECT Description,DeveloperName,DurableId,Label 
FROM AppDefinition 
WHERE DeveloperName = 'YourAppDeveloperNameHere'

Then use the app DurableId to query for the app's tabs in a second SOQL on AppTabMember

SELECT AppDefinitionId,SortOrder,TabDefinitionId, TabDefinition.Name,TabDefinition.Label
FROM AppTabMember 
WHERE AppDefinition.DurableId = '06mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' 

TabDefinition.Name returns developer name of the tab

TabDefinition.Label returns the label of the tab

TabDefinitionId may also return tab name, if it matches with a standard object or standard tab like report or dashboard




  • I know above Apex code to get the tabs particular app but in that DescribeTabsetResult method by default it taking sales application only.it not accepting any other application name.so,please help me on this. Thank You.
    – Rabbani
    Dec 26, 2019 at 19:01
  • @Rabbani You are right. DescribeTabsetResult seems to have some limitations for some apps, I've found a similar question mentioning a workaround via SOQL, more details on my revised answer. Hope this helps
    – Shamina
    Dec 26, 2019 at 19:52
  • I want tab name of particular app but above query has Id's.please help on this.
    – Rabbani
    Dec 27, 2019 at 4:48
  • @Rabbani you have the tab name from column TabDefinitionId when querying on AppTabMember
    – Shamina
    Dec 27, 2019 at 8:36
  • I am performing the salesforce to collibra integration. I want exact name of the tabs why mean I need to integrate tabs names as Domains in collibra.But I get tab Id's while integrating not changing Id's as name in collibra.Help on this .Thank for every thinking
    – Rabbani
    Dec 28, 2019 at 4:31

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