I have implemented a custom auth provider as part of the single sign on flow for Salesforce communities. Most of the flow is working correctly. I am able to get the authorization token, access token and the user information. When the custom IDP redirects back to Salesforce communities, I get a 503 error (service unavailable). According to the debug log, the flow is hitting the Registration Handler class. I have commented out the code that creates a user if a user does not exist. I am simply query for a sample community user and returning it in the Registration Handler. However, I am still getting a 503 error. Any suggestions?

  • Hi hli1022, welcome to SFSE! Please take the time to visit the Help center and read How do I ask a good question. The more details you provide, particularly code you've written (personally, I'd need to look up what's in the default reg handler class), the more likely it is that someone will respond to your question with an answer you'll find helpful. You can edit your post at any time by clicking on edit at the bottom left of it. – crmprogdev Dec 24 '19 at 15:23

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