I can update the Data Extension just fine but when I add the "PubListKey" value from the documentation(here and here) the publication list is not updated. I thought it might be because it's a shared publication list but using a local one does not work e

<script language="javascript" runat="server">

    Platform.Load("core", "1");

    var deESD = Send.Definition.Init("BBY_API1TEST_1");
    var updateStatus = deESD.Update({"DataExtensionKey":"100TESTBATCH14", "PubListKey":"2424"});

<script language="javascript" runat="server">
    Platform.Load("core", "1");

    var newDE = {
        DataExtensionKey : "100TESTBATCH12",
        PubListKey : "2424"

    var deESD = Send.Definition.Init('BBY_API1TEST_1');
    var status = deESD.Update(newDE)
  • I've figured out how to add Local Publication Lists, but I still can't seem to add shared, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! – Brett Dec 22 '19 at 22:20

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