I have a journey that is triggered by an automation that runs hourly. At the moment, I have the issue that issue where a contact has the same email address but different subscriber key. As a result there are some contacts who receive the same email more than once in the same day usually an hour or two apart.

I have been able to dedupe the data extension if an email address in the same hour but how do I stop a contact from entering if they are part of a later refresh?

  • Do you mean stoping the same contact from entring the same journey multiple times? – Rachid Mamai Dec 19 '19 at 8:30
  • It is the same contact. Duplicate contacts have same email address but they have different subscriber key so Journey Builder treats them as separate entities. – Trevor Van As Dec 19 '19 at 22:24

Use Evaluate new records only as a Journey setting entry. do not overwrite the DE.

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  • Will that work if Journey Builder is evaluating records on the Subscriber Key level? – Trevor Van As Dec 19 '19 at 5:45
  • yes it will work. – Ankit Verma Dec 19 '19 at 9:51
  • Yes, as mentioned by Ankit, if you OVERWRITE, it will reset the 'High Watermark' as well. So the above solution must work. – Vishal Kumar C V Dec 19 '19 at 10:54
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    This will not accomplish in solving for your use case – EazyE Dec 19 '19 at 15:12

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