I'm building a "master sent log", which is essentially a DE that captures info about all email and sms messages sent from Marketing Cloud.

It captures this using AMPScript in the email that uses a UpdateDE() or InsertData() function. As part of this I set a bunch of variables to save to the DE at send time.

I want to be able to save the Name of the sms message to the DE. However, I can't find an ampscript variable for the message name.

For emails, the variable is emailname_

Is there an equivalent for SMS messages?


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Right now it's not possible through any available Data Views, but since the MessageID is available through SMSMessageTracking data view, you can check with your AE to check with SF internal architect team about this requirement. It's a paid service, but they may be able to build you a custom data view that contains the SMS message name value.

However - as an alternative you can prepare and use SMS Message Detail report that has the column MessageName. This way you can automate the report to FTP and import it to a Data Extension with Automation Studio, then use SQL queries to join it up with results from SMS Data Views.

  • Thanks. I will look at those options.
    – Ben
    Dec 24, 2019 at 0:42

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