As the title suggests, I'm trying to extract the Contact Key and Device ID of all my Push contacts. I'm aware of the _PushAddress data view but this contains the Contact ID and not the Contact Key.

Is there anyway to extract this? Maybe through Salesforce directly?

I'm aware I could potentially join the _Subscribers data view, but this will only reveal contacts that have received email comms, no one thats exclusively received push notifications only.


Try going into Mobile Push and creating a filtered list based on All Contacts where Device ID is not null - this should return a list of all your MobilePush Subscriber that you can download to get all the data you need.

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Unfortunately there is not. You can reach out to Salesforce Services and have them build a Custom Data View for you. Or you can use this work around described in the accepted answer. Can I query to all contacts in contact builder

Not sure if it is something you want to automate. Otherwise you could just export the list once you have created it.

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