I have the following piece of code.

global with sharing class OpportunityUpdate {
global static void updateOpportunity() { 

    RestRequest req = RestContext.request;
    RestResponse res = RestContext.response;

    Blob body = req.requestBody;
    String requestString = body.toString();
    AreaRequestWrapper areaRequestRecord = parse(requestString);

public class RequestWrapper{
public String SourceSystem; 
public Integer MessageVersion;  
public cls_messages messages;
class cls_messages {
    public cls_Transaction[] Transactions;
class cls_Transaction {
    public cls_MetaData MetaData;
    public String OId;  
    public String TId;  
    public boolean IsTransactionComplete;
    public String PId;  
class cls_MetaData {
    public String Guid; 
    public String MessageOperation; 
    public String Country;  
public static RequestWrapper parse(String json){
    return (RequestWrapper) System.JSON.deserialize(json,RequestWrapper.class);

I have generated above AccountWrapper using JSON2Apex from the following JSON


My problem here is that, when I parse using parse(String) method, it is giving null for the inner class values. The above System.debug prints the following

[MessageVersion=1, SourceSystem=Area, messages=cls_messages:[Transactions=null]]

I am not sure why Transactions is coming as null.

I went through the below link as well. But in my case I do not have nested inner classes.

Getting null for inner classes in complex JSON deserialization


Your JSON doesn't match your data structure. In Apex, you have

public cls_Transaction[] Transactions;

in the plural, but your JSON has


in the singular.

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