I need to show toast from LWC service component, but I don't have and won't have any instance of LWC component. That means no class which extends LightningElement.

This service will be used in Aura components. I just want to utilize ES6 features in the service.

How can I display toast in LWC without having LightningElement?

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The only workaround I've thought of so far, is to wrap promise error in separate Error object with showToast(A) method and then in aura components do:

        TheAPIService.searchExternalCustomers({creditCardNumber: '4111111111111111'})
            .catch(error => error.showToast($A));

Without knowing much about whats going on in your ES6, you could have a callback function that you can pass from aura.


If LWC is a service, I don't suppose it should show any toast at all - it should remain framework agnostic. Why not dispatching an event from LWC that the aura component would listen to and display the toast in aura?

  • It's not framework agnostic. It's a service which provides interface for external callouts through apex in Aura and LWC. It will never possibly be framework agnotstic :) The goal is that it provides the default error handling (the toast), because that will be 99.9% of the cases, with possibility to overwrite it. Dec 13, 2019 at 7:29

Actually, I didn't use LightningElement because I couldn't find the methods on it. Turns out I was only missing @api annotation and that's it.

Still, Aura initializes before LWC so all my methods are completely useless in aura's "init" phase.

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