I am working with the lightning-container npm package and have a call in a React app uploaded as a static resource. This simply onClick, calls the LCC.callApex method as below.

LCC.callApex("MikeTestController.SayHi", "SomeText", callbackFunc, {escape:true});

My APEX controller looks like this:-

global class MikeTestController {

Public ApexPages.StandardController stdController;

Public MikeTestController(ApexPages.StandardController stdController){
    this.stdController = stdController;

global static String SayHi(string opportunityName) {
    return 'Hi';


I specify MikeTestController in the manifest.json file too. I get an error back onClick

Unable to invoke action 'MikeTestController.SayHi': no controller and/or function found after a warning Controller not found for 'MikeTestController'.

If I remove the constructor, it works fine. What is the issue here? Why would the presence of a constructor stop me calling other functions in the controller?

Thanks in advance.

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