I have a progress indicator in below playground with 2 buttons next and previous but when I click on next button the value of step changes but the path value doesn't change, can anyone please look and suggest what am I missing.


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    I'm pretty sure people would want you to post some code here, just in case the playground link goes dead... – Caspar Harmer Dec 10 '19 at 7:15

lightning-progress-indicator takes a string for the current-step... so all you need to do is call toString() on your current step.

Playground link


@track progressStep = 1;
@track progressStepString = "1";

nextPage () {
    this.progressStepString = this.progressStep.toString();
prevPage () {
    this.progressStepString = this.progressStep.toString();
  • Can you please give Playground Link so that we can understand more – Sahil Malhotra Dec 10 '19 at 7:51

Check the Playground LINK.

Its working as you want. You needed to iterate lightning-progress-step & increment.


This is because current-step takes value as string , hence either iterating or hardcoding value as passing as String will solve the purpose

@Mohit: Thanks but if i case the requirement is to hard code it we may use following




    <lightning-progress-indicator current-step={mystep} type="path" variant="base">
        <lightning-progress-step label="Contacted" value="1"></lightning-progress-step>
        <lightning-progress-step label="Open" value="2"></lightning-progress-step>
        <lightning-progress-step label="Unqualified" value="3"></lightning-progress-step>

    <lightning-button label={prevLabel} class="slds-float_left slds-p-left_small" onclick={prevPage} icon-name="utility:back"

    <lightning-button label={nextLabel} class="slds-float_right slds-p-right_small" onclick={nextPage} variant="brand" icon-position="right"



import { LightningElement, track, api } from 'lwc';

export default class App extends LightningElement {

    @track step = 1;
    @track mystep =1;

    nextPage = () => { this.showSpinner = true; this.step++;this.mystep = this.step.toString(); this.showSpinner = false; }
    prevPage = () => { this.step--;this.mystep = this.step.toString(); }

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