We have the community with Customer Service template setup and we use Salesforce Knowledge base. Topics are set up in the Content Management - Topic Management and Articles are assigned in Article Management.

Topics are displayed with the standard Builder page Topic Detail. There is a standard component - Articles With This Topic.

When the logged-in user with English language access the page he is able to see the topics. Once he selects the topic he can see all articles assigned to that topic. This is fine. enter image description here

But, when the user with any other language selects the same topic he does not see the articles and there is a message No Article Found instead. enter image description here If the user will paste the URL to the article directly, not the topic he would be able to see the article in default English language. enter image description here If there any way to fix this in the way that users with any language can see all related articles to the topic as English language user?

NOTE: We do not want to translate articles but want to display them in English for all user languages. BTW, Multiple languages are added to Knowledge setting.

Thanks in advance.

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I did not find any other solution than creating a custom component that retrieves articles by topic Id. Well, works fine.

  • I used "Trending Articles By Topic component" instead of "Articles with this Topic" and it worked for me. Commented May 6, 2022 at 2:49

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