We're experiencing an issue wherein Marketing cloud is doing multiple dummy requests to our Custom Activity. It's specifically doing a request to the root path of the application.

Is this an expected behavior between marketing cloud and the custom activity application?

if it is, is there any workaround for this dummy request not be called.

We confirmed that it's a marketing cloud doing the dummy request based on the IP of the client where the request came from.

Based on the documentations the following are the instances that marketing cloud does a request on the custom activity, this will be based on the config.json's configured endpoints

1.) Save 2.) Publish 3.) Validate 4.) Stop 5.) Publish 6.) Execute 7.) UserInterface: Config Modal's URL 8.) Upon load of custom activity in Journey Builder

Are there any more additional instances that marketing cloud will do a request to custom activity?


Does marketing cloud have a functionality wherein it does a request to custom activity web application to test if the site is up and they do this by requesting the root path?

  • Could be the request for the config.json file:) – Doug Dec 17 '19 at 7:11

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