For example, I have some DateTimeField__c, and if DateTimeField__c - NOW() = 11 (hours), I should send an email. Trigger is not a variant, because I can't check with it a formula field. A Scheduled class is a bad variant too. I can't always run it: there is already a lot of logic with callouts and schedules. Can you advise something?


You should use Workflow Rule here, not Apex. Specifically, Add a Time-Dependent Action to Your Workflow Rule:

Time-dependent actions are executed at a specific time, such as 10 days before a record’s close date. When that specific time passes, the workflow rule re-evaluates the record to make sure that it still meets the rule criteria. If the record does, the workflow rule executes those actions.

  • I think it will not work with a lot of messages. Or it will? What are day's limits for it for, e. q., enterprise edition? – Apelsinova Dec 4 '19 at 20:33

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