I am trying to build a filter which will create an audience of contacts that are 72 hours away from moving house. The relevant details I need for are in a field which is populated with a JSON string. The string contains a bunch of things but the most relevant to this question is

"movingDate" : "yyyy-mm-dd"

How can I create a filter so it only selects contacts where that date is 3 days in the future?


Short answer is, you can't. To be able to use a DE filter you would need to first get that date out of your json string, format it appropriately and put and into a separate DE field with Date datatype. Depending on your scenario, you could use a query or script activity in order to do this.

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  • I thought this might be the case. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. – Trevor Van As Dec 4 '19 at 2:04

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