I would like to output a list of Data Extension names (and their customer keys) from a specific Data Extension subfolder.

Is this possible using SSJS?

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The answer is actually relatively simple. You just use the DataExtension.Retrieve function and use the filter of 'CategoryID'.

See below sample:

var results = DataExtension.Retrieve({Property:"CategoryID",SimpleOperator:"equals",Value:95303});

Where 95303 is the folder id. (categoryid)

This will return a JSON with each of the DEs in that folder.

If you are unsure how to get this ID, you can get it via a few API calls or the simpler way is to hover over the folder in SFMC UI and you will see the 'CategoryID' listed in the path at the bottom left. enter image description here

You can also get it from Developer tools in the 'Network' tab. enter image description here

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