I am bringing in a Case object from another org as an external object (read only). I am trying to re-create the notes associated with it from the chatter feed and build a lwc.

The problem I am running into is querying the objects to get the data. This is likely due to me using the wrong objects, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

I am able to query CaseFeed just fine and see all of the top level comments.

SELECT Id, Title__c, Body__c, Type__c, ParentId__c, IsDeleted__c, LikeCount__c, IsRichText__c, CreatedById__c, CreatedDate__c, CommentCount__c, InsertedById__c, RelatedRecordId__c FROM CaseFeed__x WHERE Type__c = 'TextPost'

enter image description here

This gives me the parent level comment, but now I need to get the replies or "comments" made on each one of these if any.

For this, I am looking at the FeedItem object.

When I try this, I am getting Implementation restriction: directly querying FeedComment is only supported for admin users in version 23.0 and higher.

enter image description here

I can see in workbench that all of the replies I have made on these comments exist.

enter image description here

Is there another object I can get this through? It seems odd that I could access the top level, but not the individual replies.

Both the account I am logged in as and the API user for the external data have "View All Data" enabled as well.

Any idea how I can get both the parent and child comments to re-create these threads?

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