We have a Partner Developer Edition org which has environment hub. This was created a few years ago. We are in the process of upgrading our development practices to use SFDX and scratch orgs. The Partner Developer Org has environment hub but I do not see developer hubs.

Can I still use scratch orgs from SFDX ? If so, how ? If not, what is our alternative?

[I have seen Brian Miller's answer Ability to enable Dev Hub / Unlocked Packages for Partner Developer Edition Org but I do not know how to get a Partner Businsess Org .]

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You have to have a Partner Business Org ("PBO") for this. Please follow the instructions provided by Salesforce here:

... you log a case in the Partner Community to have a Partner Business Org (PBO) provisioned for you.

You'll probably want to talk to them about how to transfer the environment hub to the PBO too, if that is even possible.

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