I have a classic email template that contains a holiday card image. I can send the email template via an email alert in a flow. It works well. However, it logs the email in the contact's activity log in the old task format. However, if I am on a contact record and insert the template and sent it to the contact, the email is captured as an email in activity that shows the Last Opened by feature.

I want to be able to send an email template via a flow and have it captured in a contact's activity and show the Last Opened date.

I believe the bottom line is that I want to be able to send an enhanced email via a Flow.

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I found this on Idea Exchange:

Only Emails that are on the Email Message object would be displayed there... Email Alerts are not stored anywhere.

My guess is you could create an Apex @invokablemethod that sends an EmailMessage linked to your record and use that in your flow instead of the email alert.

  • The org that I am working with is a Professional version without API access. I am wondering if I can send an email via Flow via an email alert and then manually create a record in the Email Message object. I am not sure what lets Salesforce know when an email has been opened. I am looking at the EmailMessage object fields and nothing is standing out to me as to how to do this. Thoughts on whether I can manually create an EmailMessage record & track email message opens? Nov 30, 2019 at 5:41

I was able to use a flow's email alert on a custom object by populating an email field on the custom object and then sending from that object.

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