I am attempting to pull the StandardValueSet for a multi-value picklist in Financial Services Cloud: InsurancePolicyParticipant.Role.

StandardValueSet only supports specific <member></member> entries (I.E. no "*" query)

Salesforce provides documentation of StandardValueSet names, but not for Financial Services Cloud StandardValueSet instances.

Does anyone know the name of this field or how I could locate it?

It appears as Role in the workbench, but the following do not return any results from the metadata API:

  • "InsurancePolicyParticipant.Role"
  • "PolicyParticipantRole"
  • "InsuranceParticipantRole"
  • "ParticipantRole"
  • "InsuranceRole"
  • "PolicyRole"
  • "InsurancePolicyParticipantRole"
  • "RoleInInsurancePolicyParticipant"
  • "InsurancePolicyRole"
  • "Role"


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Salesforce Customer Support has told me the name of the field is: IPParticipantRole,

Customer support also informs me that as of today this is undocumented.

This is very frustrating for production released enterprise product.

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