I am working on a Journey with the following specs:

  • Journey Entry: all customers new and existing who are active and opted in
  • Journey Duration: 61 days
  • Email content: Dynamic content
  • Number of Emails in each of the 4 Journeys: 6
  • Journey promo changes: quarterly
  • Number of Journeys: Journey 1 (Jan - Mar), Journey 2 (Apr - Jun), Journey 3 (Jul- Sep), Journey 4 (Oct -Dec)

What I need to achieve: - send all the customers who were or still are in the quarterly Journey (for example in Journey 1) after the 3 months period in a new or updated Journey (Journey 2) All the customers who entered the quarterly Journey after 30 days after the Journey started running and would still be in the Journey when this would need to be updated i.e 1st day of Quarter 2.

  • update the same emails used in Journey 1 (with the promotions for second quarter) and use a new version of Journey 1 instead of creating Journey 2.

Thank you. Julia

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