I have a custom object that allows my users to create series of emails to their clients. I have a scheduled Apex job running hourly that scans for emails that are schedule to go out, creates the EmailMessages and sends them out. I have fields for recipient lists and options to use the Contact as Target Object id.

This setup has been working for 5 years, and suddenly stopped working for emails that have a target object id, but no additional recipents. Has something changed in the new release?

Here's how I set up the Email Message:

public static Messaging.SingleEmailMessage createMessage(Email__c e){
    List<String> recipients = e.Email_List__c.split(',');
    Messaging.SingleEmailMessage msg = new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage();
    if(!recipients.isEmpty()) msg.setToAddresses(recipients);
        System.debug('target object id:'+e.TargetObjectForEmail__c);
    if(e.From_Triggering_User__c == True){
    else if(e.OrgWideEmail__c != ''){
    System.debug('adding message. The target object id is:'+msg.getTargetObjectId());
    return msg;

And here's how I send them:

List<Messaging.SendEmailResult> results = Messaging.sendEmail(emailsToSend, false);
            Integer numResults = results.size();
            String errorMessage;
            System.StatusCode statusCode;
            //loop through results
            for(Integer i = 0; i < numResults; i++){
                //get the result and email object
                Messaging.SendEmailResult r = results.get(i);
                Email__c e = preparedEmails.get(i);
                if (r.isSuccess()) {
                    e.Sent_Date__c = datetime.now();
                    statusCode = r.getErrors()[0].getStatusCode();
                    errorMessage = '';
                    for(Messaging.SendEmailError error:r.getErrors()){
                     errorMessage += error .getMessage() + '\r\n';
                    errorMessageReport += '\r\n' + errorMessage + '\r\nLink: ' +
                    System.Url.getSalesforceBaseURL().toExternalForm()  + '/' + e.id
                    + '\r\nThe recipient list: ' + e.Email_List__c;

The error is: Invalid to address :

I have triple checked that the contacts have valid email addresses.

Does anyone know what could be the issue?

  • As per Salesforce docs: Do not specify the IDs of records that have the Email Opt Out option selected. Is there any record which have that option selected? – CloudConnect Nov 29 '19 at 14:24
  • Thanks for having a look @CloudConnect, but no, these contacts haven't opted out. – hgolov Dec 1 '19 at 8:21

In case anyone comes across this, here's what happened.

List<String> recipients = e.Email_List__c.split(',');

The line above created a list with one empty string. So even though I checked if the list was empty before setting the toAddresses to it here:

if(!recipients.isEmpty()) msg.setToAddresses(recipients);

it was adding one empty email address.

I updated it to the following:

        List<String> recipients = e.Email_List__c.split(',');

and that solved the issue.


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