Is there any way to load the page of the current URL? I have tried the below code. It redirects to the URL, but, keeps loading the page and doesn't show any result.

import { LightningElement, api } from 'lwc';

import LCP_ICONS from '@salesforce/resourceUrl/lcp_icons';

export default class LcpLicenceDetailSection extends LightningElement {

get associatedLicenceDetails() {

        for (let licence of this.detailsObj.associatedLicences) {

            let url = new URL(window.location.href);
            let searchParams = url.searchParams;
            searchParams.set('licenceNumber', licence.licenceNumber);
            licence.detailsLink = url;
        return this.sortArrayByText(this.detailsObj.associatedLicences, 'name');

I am not sure about your exact issue, but just in case make sure you import the below directory if you are trying to use any navigation from LWC

import {
} from 'lightning/navigation';

Also extends the class NavigationMixin

export default class LcpLicenceDetailSection extends NavigationMixin(LightningElement)

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