Can Pricebook and its PricebookEntries have different currencies? So, if I create a Pricebook with currency USD and its PricebookEntries with multiple currency like USD, GBP, AUD, etc., is this possible?


One Pricebook can have multiple Pricebookentries for the same Product2.


Pricebook2: MyCustomPricebook

Product2: MySKU


MyCustomPricebookId MySKUId USD 10.00
MyCustomPricebookId MySKUId EUR  9.50
MyCustomPricebookId MySKUId GBP  8.85

PricebookEntry is a junction record between Pricebook2 and Product2; each instance given the same parents is for a different currency. The typical use case is to offer a SKU in different markets where the business is selling across borders and customers prefer to use their local currency.

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Price books do not have a currency (there is no CurrencyIsoCode field). Salesforce includes special behavior that allows only one product per currency per price book. In other words, a price book entry has a unique composite key constraint. You can add the same product to a price book multiple times, one for each currency you'd like to sell the product in. You cannot add the same product for the same currency more than once in a price book.

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