We use the SOAP API to write records to some data extensions in Marketing Cloud. All has been working fine. Recently we added two more data extensions into the mix in one account and the process appears to run and no errors are raised, but no data gets written to the target DEs.

The Scenario:

Read some objects from a Salesforce account and write them to specific data extensions in Marketing Cloud. We are using the MC SOAP client to update the DEs.

The process is working well for many objects across many accounts.

The Problem:

We recently added two new objects to the mix on one account. According to our logs, they behave the same as the other objects and no errors occur at any point during the read/write process. The request to write the data to MC returns success and no error. However, when you go look at the DE, no data has been written.

The logging we have in place allows us to see each step of the process and we have verified that:

  • Records are being read from the Salesforce account
  • The records contain legitimate data
  • The credentials in play do have the needed access to everything
  • The call being made to write the data is sending the expected records

Notes: - Other objects in this account read/write just fine - We have a self-healing feature built into the process and before each cycle the system makes sure that the target extension exists and that the fieldmappings in the data set match those of the target DE. If the DE is missing it gets created on the fly before the records are written.

This part functions as expected. If I delete the target extensions for the two objects in question, they are properly recreated the next time the process is run and then, according to the logs, the records are written to the extensions.

When you go look at the extensions however, they are empty. Properly created, just empty.

The baffling thing is that no errors seem to be thrown anywhere. We know through experience with the other objects that there are all kinds of possible errors to deal with and we have plenty of handlers including a couple catch-alls for the completely unexpected. None of them indicate that any kind of error takes place at all.

It is like the records are getting written into space. It's almost like there is a phantom extension out there getting the data, we just can't see it. The mystery is that the delete/self-healing function works as expected and we see the DE just fine. And, the other objects in the account (and other accounts) all read/write fine. It's just these two objects in this one account.

I'm hoping that maybe this sounds familiar to someone and you might have a suggestion on where to go look.

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