I have an XML file in FTP server, I need to read that file and loaded into document object in salesforce. I have read the below link but I am not able to understand. http://www.chiragmehta.info/chirag/2010/03/22/salesforce-ftp-integration-data-loader-web-service-http. Can we do an HTTP request to the FTP server..? If yes how I can achieve this without using Third-party tools like jitterbit or skyvia .Can anyone help me to solve it?



You'll need some middleware that will pull the xml file from the ftp server and pass it back into salesforce.

The request process would look something like: Apex -(Rest Request)-> Middleware -(FTP Request)-> File Server -(FTP Response)-> Middleware, then the middleware would upload file into content document via rest api.

Can we do an HTTP request to the FTP server..?

By definition an FTP server won't respond to HTTP requests.

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