I am looking to create a managed extension package for Salesforce CPQ. In particular, I would like to add some custom fields to the managed Quote object SBQQ__Quote__c. For example, if my package has namespace ExtNS, I would want to add some fields like this:

  • SBQQ__Quote__c.ExtNS__CustomFieldA__c
  • SBQQ__Quote__c.ExtNS__CustomFieldB__c
  • SBQQ__Quote__c.ExtNS__CustomFieldC__c

In order to see the SBQQ__Quote__c object in a development org, I need to install the Salesforce CPQ managed package. This package unfortunately installs with an expiration date.

SBQQ Expiration Date

Once my managed extension package is published, the custom fields on the SBQQ__Quote__c object that I have added will be locked and there will be no way to remove them. The Salesforce CPQ managed package will eventually expire as well, at which point I will be stuck.

Ideally, I would like to install the Salesforce CPQ into a development org without an expiration date on the package. Is this possible? If not, how would I deal with this scenario?

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I ended up opening a support case in the Salesforce Partner Portal. They were able to activate the package for a year. I am assuming that they will extend the license next year as long as we continue to be a partner in good standing.

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