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I am assuming my password is locked for salesforce.com, how do I unlock this please


Resetting Passwords Available in: Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Database.com Editions

User Permissions Needed To reset passwords: “Reset Passwords and Unlock Users” To reset a user’s password:

Click Your Name | Setup | Manage Users | Users. Select the checkbox next to the user’s name. Optionally, to change the passwords for all currently displayed users, check the box in the column header to select all rows. Click Reset Password to have a new password emailed to the user

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  • Thank you Sahil, much appreciated – RememberHasan Nov 24 '19 at 7:10
  • @RememberHasan If it helps you please do upvote . :) – Sahil Malhotra Nov 25 '19 at 4:36

You can also reset password directly from the Workbench if you have Admin accessenter image description here

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