I am getting this response 'Field is not writeable: EmailMessage.RelatedToId'

Email trigger helper method is the following:

public static void parseEmailSubjectForLeadRelation(List<EmailMessage> emailList){
        system.debug('Entered parseEmailSubjectForLeadRelation');
        List<EmailMessage> emList = new List<EmailMessage>();
        string leadId;
        for(EmailMessage email : emailList) {
            system.debug('email == ' + email.TextBody + ' / ' + email.ParentId);
            if(email.Incoming == true && email.ParentId != null && email.TextBody != null) {
                    email.RelatedToId = email.TextBody.substringBetween('reference:{', '}');
        update emList;

This is being called on AfterInsert. I have seen another similar question that was fixed by updating the api version of the apex class which i have already tried. I have also double checked that enhanced email is enabled in this org.


According to the documentation for the EmailMessage Object, this field can only be set on insert not update

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    Wow ! thank you Bryan, i knew there was some rule i was just not realizing. I believe i can take it from here. Thanks! – Logie C Nov 22 '19 at 18:56

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