I am using Conga and I am trying to pull files that contain SPE in their tile

This query will find the file records successfully SELECT ContentDocument.id FROM ContentDocumentLink WHERE LinkedEntityId = '0WO6F000001UbmC' but I want to just find the record that has SPE in the title

So I have added AND Title LIKE '%SPE%'

But I am getting no results with that "AND Title LIKE '%SPE%' "

See record FROM UI

This is the console with no results when AND is added dev console

Where am I going wrong with the AND Title LIKE '%SPE%'


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ContentDocumentLink object doesn't have title field.

But I get what you are trying to do:

try this, works for me

select id,contentDocumentId,contentDocument.title from contentdocumentlink 
where LinkedEntityId = 'Your own record id ' and  contentDocument.title like '%SPE%'

ContentDocumentLink does not have a field Title. You'd need to query through the relationship to ContentDocument:

SELECT ContentDocument.Id FROM ContentDocumentLink WHERE LinkedEntityId = '0WO6F000001UbmC' AND ContentDocument.Title LIKE '%SPE%'

Your query should fail to execute as written.

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