I seem to be having some trouble puling specific product info from a data extension. I can pull one product, or I can pull all the products, but not a certain set.

I'd like to be able to enter 4 skus and have those 4 items pulled into an email.

Is there a way I can include an OR in the filter? like

"filter" : "Pnumber == 031364" OR "Pnumber == 055554" OR "Pnumber == 003832" OR "Pnumber == 006250"

That doesn't work but I think it gives you an idea of what I'm trying to do.

Here is my working code for just one product (sku is 031364)

<h4 class="header">GTL test</h4>
     {{.datasource FeaturedProducts_DE_20191121 type=list maxRows = 4}}
           {"target" : "name:FeaturedProducts_DE_20191121","filter" : "Pnumber == 031364"}
         <strong>Product number:</strong>{{Pnumber}}<br>
         <strong>Product Name:</strong> {{Pname}}<br>
         <img src="{{Pimage_MC}}" /><br>


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