I can't save a class in a developer org. I receive this error: "Can't alter metadata in an active org". How can I resolve this problem?

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    That error message is surfaced when you attempt to modify Apex in a production org. Are you sure this is a Developer Edition? – David Reed Nov 21 '19 at 16:09
  • Yes, it is a developer environment – maidenfp Nov 21 '19 at 16:10
  • If you view the Company Information screen in the org, what edition does it say you are in? – David Reed Nov 21 '19 at 16:14
  • Organization Edition: Developer Edition – maidenfp Nov 21 '19 at 16:17
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    How are you modifying the class, developer console, IDE, etc.? – Bryan Anderson Nov 21 '19 at 17:36

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