public class UpdateGraduated {
    public static void WhenGraduatedUpdate(List<hed__Program_Enrollment__c> enrollmentListUpdate){
            List<hed__Program_Enrollment__c> enrollmentList = new List<hed__Program_Enrollment__c>();
            List<contact> contactList = new List<contact>();
            List<contact> contactListUpdated = new List<contact>();
            set<id> IdList = new set<Id>();
            enrollmentList = [select id, hed__Contact__c , hed__Enrollment_Status__c, hed__End_Date__c
                             from hed__Program_Enrollment__c
                             where id in:enrollmentListUpdate
                             and hed__Enrollment_Status__c = 'Graduated'];

            for(hed__Program_Enrollment__c en: enrollmentList) {

            contactList = [select id, Graduation_Date__c from contact where id in : IdList];

            for(hed__Program_Enrollment__c enn: enrollmentList) {
                for(contact en :contactList){
                    if(enn.hed__Contact__c == en.id && enn.hed__Enrollment_Status__c == 'Graduated'){
                        en.hed__End_Date__c = enn.Graduation_Date__c;
            update contactListUpdated;
        } catch(Exception e) {
            system.debug('Error is -> '+ e.getMessage() + 'at Line -> '+ e.getLineNumber());

I am getting an error on Line 22 of my Apex class that a variable hed_End_Date__c does not exist but the field does exist in my production and sandbox. So I am not 100% sure where I am going wrong. Any ideas?


Realised my problem! The assignment needs to be the other way around.

Instead of :

en.hed__End_Date__c = enn.Graduation_Date__c;

It should be:

en.Graduation_Date__c = enn.hed__End_Date__c;


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