I am getting error as "SampleClass.cls Method sampleMethod at line 3 of classes\SampleClass.cls gets user input from the strVar element. This element’s value then flows through the code without being properly sanitized or validated, and is eventually used in a database query in method sampleMethod at line 3 of classes\SampleClass.cls. This may enable an SOQL Injection attack. line no: 2, 5, 6" in checkmarx report.

public class SampleClass {
    public String strVar {get; set;};
    public void sampleMethod(){
        if (strVar != null){     
            strVar = strVar.trim();
            List<String> varList = strVar.split(' ');   
            String str1;
            String qString =  'select id, Description FROM Account';
            if (varList.size() == 1){
                str1 = varList.get(0);
                queryStr+= ' and (Account.Name like \'%' + str1 + '%\')'; 

Technically, you're at risk for SOQL injection, hence this error. You've mitigated it somewhat by only allowing a single word, but you might still run in problems if someone tries to use an apostrophe ("single quote"), such as 'hello. This would render the query filter as Name LIKE '%'hello%', which would cause an error. You need to remember to use String.escapeSingleQuotes.

queryStr+= ' and (Account.Name like \'%' + String.escapeSingleQuotes(str1) + '%\')'; 

See this trailhead.


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