TLDR: Can we retrieve duplicate records in 'View Duplicates' using Apex or SOQL.

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I am planning to create a list view with a column of 'View Duplicates' link or button. Similar to below image from Account record page.

Is it possible to do so with Standard list view or I'll need to develop a Lightning Component? As per my knowledge List views don't support this, but anything that reduces custom developement is welcome.

For custom developement I've looked into the above Potential Duplicate Component which is standard lightning component and Duplicate Record Sets which stores Duplicate Record Items based on Duplicate rule.

But there seems to be no particular relation between these two. Below is a scenario-

I have a Duplicate Record Set with two Items.

enter image description here

But when I navigate to each Account from the list, View Duplicates is not available.

enter image description here enter image description here

Moreover there are other Duplicate Record Sets with over 30+ records and most of their items don't have 'View Duplicates' option, and for those which do have only show 5 to 6 duplicates and not all within the Duplicate Record Sets.

  • Does Potential Duplicate Component retrieve data from Duplicate Record Sets?
  • What happens to existing Duplicate Record Sets when a Duplicate Rule is changed?
  • Can we create a link or button which would pop up the same window when 'View Duplicates' on record page is clicked?

Please let me know if I've missed out on any details.

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