Detailed requirement: I have Account lookup field(Field Name is "Existing_Account__c") on Lead object. In lead conversion page salesforce by default displays "--None--" option for Account Name. But my business requirement is that- Instead of --None-- option I have to pre-populate account present in custom field Existing_Account__c. So that whenever users click on Convert button Account Name should have valid account instead of --None-- option. enter image description here

  • is it classic or lightning? Nov 19, 2019 at 17:25

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If its classic you can do URL hacking as mentioned here:

You have to use a custom lead convert button , and then URL inject the lead field's as param. The formula for the Button will be like:


You have to specify AccountId 3 times.

Src: https://techman97.wordpress.com/tag/professional-edition/


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