Visualforce Error:

Error: Unknown property 'LeadConvert.VF_Lead__c

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    Could you add your VF and controller code ? Your page is looking for a LeadConvert variable in your controller or a VF variable for your datatable/repeater/.. – Samuel De Rycke Feb 22 '14 at 17:40

You are getting this error because:

  • You have not defined any property named LeadConvert in Controller Apex class.

  • If you have defined, it is not public or if it is public, you have not defined {get; set;} for it. It should look like public anyLeadCollectionObject leadConvert {get; set;}


Is LeadConvert an sObject (possibly you have public Lead leadConvert; somewhere in your controller / extension?

If that's the case - check regal's answer regarding getter (setter is not necessarily needed, depending how it's used on your Visualforce page).

But also verify that the VF_Lead__c really is present on the object and that it's at least visible in terms of field level security.

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