Have any of you gurus ever successfully downgraded a managed package?

I'm aware that officially, you are not able to downgrade to earlier versions. And I appreciate many component types are one-way in nature, though there was a component deprecation pilot for a time.

That said, if you can uninstall all deployments from all orgs of a particular package version and Salesforce will revert it from Release to Beta status without too much trouble. I'm wondering if there is any anecdotal info to be had here.


Yes, sometimes, but it's non-trivial. You need to submit a case and work closely with partner support and your account team.


You cannot downgrade a package that has been already installed to an earlier version. You can only either upgrade or uninstall and reinstall the desired version.

  • Do you have any references to back up your claim? – Adrian Larson Mar 14 '17 at 14:31

From Salesforce help article:

Can I roll back a package to a previously installed version?

Knowledge Article Number 000213722


Currently we cannot roll back or downgrade a package to the previously installed version in any type of org (sandbox or production).


The only workaround is to uninstall the package, export the package data, re-install the desired version, and then import any data back into the org. See page 104 of the packaging guide for additional information around 'Uninstalling a package' : ISVforce .


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