Completing a Trailhead Project called 'Simplify Home Security Subscription Renewals'. The Project required me to sign up for a Salesforce DE Org with CPQ set up. I have it up and running. The next step was to go into a quote (Q-00013) and click the 'Edit Lines' button. Once I do, it's stuck on a loading screen with the error "Assertion Failed: Unsupported quote object: a0q5J0000008PdpQAE"

This is how it looks:

enter image description here

Anyone come across this before? I couldn't find any reference to this error. The Org is completely new, with nothing altered since it was set up. I'm using Chrome. Same error occurs in Salesforce Classic, too.

Thanks, C. Coughlan.

****EDIT**** I think it might be a version issue. This was attempted on 222.3. Older versions might be OK.

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