As exaplained in https://web.dev/samesite-cookies-explained/, Chrome will enable SameSite=lax by default if SameSite is not specified.

In Apex, we can set Cookie using, Cookie ck = new Cookie('cookieLabel','cookieValue',null,-1,false);

How can i set SameSite=None;Secure for ck variable of Cookie class?

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    I have checked in Salesforce Spring'20 release. Now, all cookies will be SameSite=None and Secure by default. For more detail, visit help.salesforce.com/… Jan 16 '20 at 11:41

The new Spring '20 release, adds new System.Cookie constructor:

Cookie(name, value, path, maxAge, isSecure, SameSite)

Cross referencing my answer on [StackOverflow

As far as I can tell, the Apex Cookie Class does not support the SameSite attribute at all.

As a result, I would investigate using HttpResponse.setHeader() directly:

httpResponse.setHeader('Set-Cookie', 'cookieLabel=cookieValue; SameSite=None; Secure');

Be aware though, in other frameworks I do see the cookie handling overwrite any existing Set-Cookie headers so you may want to ensure you do any manual setting of headers either before or after the in-built cookie handling.

I would also raise a feature request for full support of the SameSite attribute in the framework.

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