I'm trying to understand OAuth flow by building a chrome extension.

I need access to the user's org and the way to do that authorization is via a connected app.

Well what do you need for a connected app? -- client id and redirect uri.

How can you get them without having to create a connected app during runtime (because i cannot create connected app on each and every org)

I know other plugins/extentions do this exact thing.


One of the common misconception is that connected app is required for every org.

Connected app can be created in a developer environment and that's sufficient for the other orgs to authorize their Salesforce environment and you can store the necessary tokens.

Workbench , Salesforce CLI and lot of third party apps use same method. They have a org where they have connected app and they maintain the connected app and make sure the org is not expired .

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  • Oh ok, you mean connected app created on my dev org will act as a host-server type thing that would let me authorize other orgs? – Omkar Deokar Nov 18 '19 at 6:34
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    That's correct @omkar – Mohith Shrivastava Nov 18 '19 at 13:27

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