I am trying to set up a pricing calculation on a product which is part of a bundle, where the first 2000 units sold will be for $50, but from the range of 2001 - 50000 any additional unit sold will $100 per 1000 units sold.

For ex: Consider the Bundle to be PRODUCT A and the option to PRODUCT B. - When I select PRODUCT A I get 2000 units of PRODUCT B for $50 by default. - Now if I want to sell an additional 4000 units on top of 2000 units, as per pricing calculation which is $100/1000 units, the price value should come to $400. - So final calculation should be Base Price + Price of additional units sold = $50 + $400 = $450

How do I set the calculation of $100/1000 units in CPQ? I tried block pricing with overage value was coming per unit rather than per 1000 unit.

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