I am trying to populate this Set (buildingIds) with string values, but I am getting the error: Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void add(Object) from the type Set.

I am returning some json and iterating through it trying to exact the "building ids" into a Apex Set to ensure uniqueness.

If I dump out the values using: listingAttribute.get(attributeName) within my for loop I see the value for the building id at each iteration of the loop, but it errors when I try to add it to my set.

My code is below:

 Map<String, Object> jsonResults = (Map<String, Object>) JSON.deserializeUntyped(JSONResponse);
 Set<String> buildingIds = new Set<String>();

 List<Object> listBuildings = (List<Object>)jsonResults.get('buildings');

 for (Object buildingRecord: listBuildings ) {
    Map<String, Object> buildingAttributes = (Map<String, Object>)buildingRecord;

   for (String attributeName : buildingAttributes .keySet()) {

     if( attributeName == 'building_id') {
       buildingIds.add(buildingAttributes.get(attributeName)); // **errors here**

} // close outer for loop

How can I add the building Id to the set?

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Each of these two approaches below should work:




The problem is you try to add an Object into a Set of string.


Change it to buildingIds.add((buildingAttributes.get(attributeName)).Id);

That should work.


Your map:

Map<String, Object> buildingAttributes ...

has a signature where the get method returns Object (as there are various types involved) but your set requires String. This is a case where a cast is used: you know that the value is in fact a String when the name is 'building_id' so you can (and must) downcast:

buildingIds.add((String) buildingAttributes.get(attributeName));

(If the values are Id values, better to use Set<String> buildingIds = new Set<Id>(); and downcast to (Id).)

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