Can we use a data extension fields dynamically inside a SMS content in marketing cloud. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Yes - similar as you would do in emails or cloud pages. Can you be more precise in what you are trying to achieve and where you are stuck? – Lukas Lunow Nov 14 '19 at 10:19
  • What is the sending audience? List? DE? Journey – EazyE Nov 14 '19 at 22:04
  • The sending audience is a data extension – Jaya pradeep Nov 15 '19 at 6:04

To use Data Extension fields in SMS for personalization, use the AMPscript Lookup function, as you would do in an email: https://ampscript.guide/lookup/

Bare in mind, that the MOBILE_NUMBER is the subscriber key for SMS subscribers.

Here’s an example of a lookup function for use in SMS:


set @lookupValue = MOBILE_NUMBER
set @fn = Lookup("DataExtensionName","FirstName","MobileNumber", @lookupValue)

First Name: %%=v(@fn)=%%

Here is a question similar to yours: Personalization in Mobile Connect SMS called within Journey Builder

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