I need to create new button called ‘XYZ’ to be accessible on Opportunity record at the top of the page layout (Standard page) that will open a pop window with my LWC. How can I do this the most simplest way. One Issue is that my components are build in LWC and I can not put the standard pages.

The Scenario is below: When Users click on the XYZ button from the Opportunity a new window should open within the Opportunity Record with the XYZ LWC fields.

Any Help Is Appreciated!



For now, you can use an Aura Component to wrap your LWC component, then make that Aura Component a Quick Action. Doing this will allow you to add it to the page as a button in the upper-right menu for a record.


Relevant LWC recipes Example.

You can also just use force:hasRecordId and force:lightningQuickAction tag and use the record id from the parent aura component to pass it to a child LWC component. This will allow it to be used as a quick action.

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