I am looking for a way to add additional metadata to object fields for use by some Salesforce and non-Salesforce UI code. What I need is a small piece of custom JSON per field. (Yes I could create a separate custom API to deliver this data.)

The "Description" looked like a candidate place to put the JSON, but that is not exposed in e.g. these APIs:



I could add the info on the end of the "Help Text" (inlineHelpText) but would then need to strip that off.

Is there an API that returns the "Description" of a field along with the rest of the field metadata?


I'm not aware of such an API, or any other way of extending standard metadata like this. I think you might be forced into:

  • Storing the values you require as some Custom Metadata Type, with a 'Key' field that holds the Object and Field API names for querying.
  • Storing the values in some global utility class, with each JSON string being a value in a Map of <String, String> where the key is Object + Field API name.
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  • Thanks Dan, yep I think I'm stuck. – Keith C Nov 16 '19 at 14:32

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