In Object Alpha, I have two fields Field currentDate__c = Date.today().format(); (say) and field relevantfield__c= “Partner__r. lmn_currentDate_c” (this field value changes and specifies when this currentDate__c should be updated )and object partner is a lookup field on object alpha When currentDate__c get updated I have to get text field value from relevantfield__c and update that field. How to do this I am stuck. Any inputs? say alpha a; I tried to use a.get (’Partner__r. lmn_currentDate_c’); to update trigger.new to update the list it is gives me error.


You have to "follow the path" by using the appropriate methods..Something like the following:

public Object getValueFromPath(sobject record, string path) {
  String[] parts = path.split('\\.');
  while(parts.size() > 1 && record != null) {
    record = record.getsObject(parts.remove(0));
  return record == null? null: record.get(parts[0]);
  • Should be record.get(parts[0]). – Adrian Larson Nov 12 at 18:26
  • Also, returning record instead of explicitly null might introduce exception paths. – Adrian Larson Nov 12 at 18:33
  • @AdrianLarson Thanks, I was mobile, fixed the typo. Also, null is null. That said, I was also mobile, so one less null was less painful to do in the moment 😊. – sfdcfox Nov 12 at 19:00
  • If you declare a null SObject and try to cast it to a String, you will get an exception, no? – Adrian Larson Nov 12 at 19:17
  • @AdrianLarson Nope. A null is a null. The trick here is that we're upcasting to an Object, which we can then downcast to any type. Try this out: Object a; Integer b = (Integer)a; String c = (String)a; sObject d = (sObject)a; Account e = (Account)a; Or, even more fun: Integer a; String b; Object c = a; Object d = b; System.assertEquals(b, d); Nulls are only dangerous in terms of NullPointerException. – sfdcfox Nov 12 at 20:17

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