I am trying to add a hyperlink to an Opportunity in the body of a note record. Something like this

note n = new note();
n.ParentId = {OpptyId};
n.title = 'Note from code';
n.body ='<a href=' +System.URL.getSalesforceBaseUrl().toExternalForm()+'/'+PrimaryId.get(op.Id)+' >'+'Closed Cleanup'+'</a> <br/>';
Insert n;

However, when note is created I see body-

<a href=https://ap8.salesforce.com/0060o00001BFCSZ>Closed Cleanup </a> <br/>

But I want body of note to have Closed Cleanup as clickable and should be redirecting on clicking to - https://ap8.salesforce.com/0060o00001BFCSZ

I took the reference from - How to use a Hyperlink function in apex class? which says Rich Text Area field can contain the hyperlink. If that's true , how do I add a hyperlink to a note record?

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You are using the old Note object, which supports only plaintext in the body. See Note documentation.

If you want to use rich text in a note, you need to enable the new Notes functionality and then use the new ContentNote object. See ContentNote documentation

  • How do I add a hyperlink in the ContentNote? It will be great if you can share an example or so? Nov 11, 2019 at 20:44

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