I have a custom object Obj__c where I have created a custom lookup field to Account.

In the Account layout I have an Obj__c related list showing the Obj__c records related to a particular Account.

What I wish to achieve is to hide certain records in the related list.

For instance:
- if the Account status is set to Active hide all Obj__c records with status Closed
- if the Account status is set to Inactive hide all Obj__c records with status Open.

Is it possible to hide records in related list based on the status of the parent record and how it can be achieved?

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No. Related lists cannot be filtered this way. You could create a custom component or Visualforce page, or build a solution involving record types, multiple page layouts, multiple lookup fields, and a few triggers or processes.


I realize this is an old post, but your request is now possible thanks for the Dynamic Related List - Single component in a Lightning Record Page .

You simply place the component on the record page and choose the filters you want on the right side, where it says Related List Filters. Of course this is only available for internal users who can see lightning pages, so you can't do this in Lightning Experience, for example.

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