I have few articles in my salesforce community.There are four standard visibility settings in knowledge object for articles:-

  1. Visible in Internal app.
  2. Visible to Customer.
  3. Visible to Partner.
  4. Visible in Public Knowledge Base.

Apart from these standard options I want to show some articles based on a custom field in user object. Urgently need any ideas on that.

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I had similar type of requirement. I could able to achieve this through below steps:

  1. Created 1 data category ex: Parent
  2. Created 2 child data category : CH 1, CH 2
  3. Assign respective articles to Parent > CH1 and Parent> CH2 data category respectively.
  4. Created 2 permission sets by giving custom permissions to each child data category
  5. Write Trigger to assign permission sets to customer portal users once specific fields meets the criteria.

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